Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It is green!

This one shouldn't be too hard. Although I can imagine you will experience some difficulty in explaining why it is green. It is again green and edible. And I tried some of it on toast yesterday night....delicious! I would advice against having a slice of green for breakfast, a bit too loud early in the morning.It's green cheese! Set aside all thoughts of moldy, mushy pieces left in the back of the refrigerator, this is supposed to be green, and a lovely shade at that. In the Northern part of Holland they have their own, I should say language, not dialect and the test case to see if you can pronounce it properly has to do something with green cheese as well.

They say: "bûter, brea en griene tsiis, wa’t dat net sizze kin, is gjin oprjochte Fries". Oftewel: boter, brood en groene kaas, wie dat niet zeggen kan, is geen oprechte Fries. Or in English: butter, bread and green cheese, who can't say that is not a real Fries. The cheese they talk about in this sentence used to be flavoured with parsley.

Back to modern times and modern flavours: the green you see here comes from pesto and the brownish speckles are cloves. Together they make for a tasty treat on toast, I wonder how it holds itself on a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes.


  1. Karen,
    I thought the moon was made of green cheese and here it is in Holland! Sounds worth trying to me. I like the idea of cheese and bread for breakfast. More interesting than a bowl of bran flakes!

  2. Oh, wow, that strikes me as the makings of a great toasted cheese sandwich! Cloves! Can't wait to try this!

  3. I think it is beautiful!!! From the color to the sound of it :D

  4. i 've never ever seen that before but i 'm sure its nice...anything pesto has to be nice :))

  5. That is really green, lovely! Never had seen it before...but then again I'm just not a real Fries!

  6. Toevallig zo-even op de markt meegebracht, favoriete kaas van m'n dochter! Enne geen Fries, maar in een Achterhoeks stadje....

  7. After eating this cheese we (my wife and I, both born in Friesland) discussed what 'griene tsiis' actually is. Not this chees, although a nice cheese with good flavor. We concluded that the real green cheese is a very young cheese made of sheepmilk. This gets a bit of a green teint in its white. This cheese can best be eaten on slices of dark rye bread.

  8. My dad brought me some of this cheese today. It was the very first time I've ever seen it - even if I lived in Belgium for some time and occasionally visited The Netherlands for some time, I never managed to see it. I wonder where you can buy it?

    Anyway yes, it's lovely. I found your blog while googling for this cheese, in order to know more about it. And now you're in my favourites: I love to cook and hey, you wrote about green cheese, you must be good!

    Have a nice sunday :D


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