Monday, May 07, 2007

Green it is!

I've grown something. It's green. It's edible. There is actually something thriving on my windowsill. All the way from seeds to something edible!

For you out there in the know how to grow things and harvesting mounds of lettuce, carrots, beans, tomatoes (oh homegrown tomatoes!) or whatever, it might seem a little feat but for me however this is big. Here you see just how big it is. It took a while to see some sprouting but a friend was so good to tell me I had to make sure there was enough water in the bowl so the little seedlings had some food... Hmm, she was right. Now I may go ahead and actually plant the seeds I bought at the Boerenbond. I bought lettuce, spring onions and cinnamon basil. I hope those will work as well. I also have some strawberry seeds but there is nothing going on in their pot yet.

Have you guessed already what you have been looking at? It's rucola sprouts! And they are delicious in a salad or sprinkled on your cheese/tomato sandwich, or cream cheese spread with rucola...


  1. Karen,
    Congratulations on your Green Thumb!! I have 2 very little tomatoes on my patio tomato plant and I can't wait until they are ripe! Nothing like growing your own! I guess it's the farmer in me from my Dad.

  2. How pretty! Much luck on the rest of your planting!

  3. Congratulations! Growing things is a talent. A talent I don't share -- so I respect it. Enjoy your sprouts!

  4. Well done for growing your own rucola! I love the idea of it with cream cheese!

  5. Congratulations! Now you need a sign on your fridge that says 'Ik moet regelmatig watergeven!'

    Strawberries take a very long time from seed. You should just go and buy some plants - around 3 euros for 6 and at the same time get some lettuce seedlings and some basil seedlings. For 10 euros you can have a whole garden!

    Or, if you come to Amstelveen and visit me I can load you up with some lettuce seedlings and tomato plants :0

  6. Fabulous, love sprouts in salads and on sandwiches! Yes, get the plants.

  7. Mooie foto's met dat frisse groen. Het herinnert mij aan een zakje tuinkers dat al enkele weken in een keukenlaatjes ligt met op de voorkant een plaatje met net zo'n glazen schaaltje als op jouw foto. Ik ga het snel zaaien: heerlijk op een boterham met belegen kaas...

  8. This is such an amazing coincidence....We just harvested our rucola-sprouts over here this morning to put on our cheese-sandwiches!!! I also have "basilicum-kers" which grew a bit slower, but is almost ready for my scissors!
    I'm with ashleigh that growing strawberries from seed is not worth the wait. Buy some plants to have some to eat. We ate our first strawberry from our plants yesterday.
    There are all sorts of pots with herbs and things in it over here all over the place, normal plants had to move. I have the kaneelbasil too, but that made no impression. The citroenbasilicum on the other hand is very good, have some plans to make some sort of exotic sorbet with it.


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