Friday, April 27, 2007

Today's mistake....quiche

Ever tried to make a quiche with a flaky crust 30 minutes before dinner time in a kitchen that has been in the sun for the better part of the afternoon? When the butter from the fridge goes soft in your hands before it makes it to the bowl? Never? You're smarter than I am. (But you knew that already having read the last post...).
Thought while pushing the pulse-button: "This should be in the fridge for at least a couple of hours in order to roll out"

Thought while splashing the dough on the silpat mat: "This is why clever cooks have butter in the freezer and shave it into their doughs"

Thought hot from the oven: hmm the word rustic and artisan come to mind...

Kid thinking out loud at dinner table: Mam, the others are still in the oven? Mam with her sweetest voice: No dear, the recipe says this serves 4-6 people. Sweetest voice trails off into nothing.

Kid says: were they talking dwarfs?


  1. Dwarfts who had just eaten a 16 oz (1.1 kg) steak. And I suppose that the quiche was really good and everybody wanted thirds ... It looks excellent.
    Incredible you are having the summer temperatures and Dallas is still fairly cool. But I'm loving it ... the temperature.

  2. Ach meid het zit je ook niet mee. Ondanks te warme boter in een te hete keuken ziet de quiche er toch heerlijk uit, daar zou ik óók wel een 2e stukje van lusten..of een 1e. vooral bij deeg wat je uit moet rollen is het toch bijna altijd te weinig deeg volgens het recept vind ik. Maar ja kijk eens wat er op die kant en klaar pakken staat voor 3-4 personen...kan nauwelijks 1 flinke man van eten. toch prettig dat het zo lekker was dat ze er nog wel een paar van gelust zouden hebben...;D


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