Thursday, April 26, 2007

Parking looney


I'm still here.
Not on vacation.
Not taking a break.
No illness (just hay fever).
Computer still working.

Just totally uninspired. Completely thrown by the weather. My mind is still on stews, kale, soups whatever and this weather we have here is all about barbeques, salads and milk shakes... Crazy but fun. I think.

Talk about crazy...this morning I decided to do a quick visit to the market, parked the car, did my shopping, returned to get my car....and couldn't find it! I walked the building three times, getting all sweaty and nervous and at the same time feeling silly and cursing myself (should have gone by bike as I intended to do), ended up walking to the nearest (10 minutes walk) parking lot assistent while making an emergency phone call to a friend and ask her to collect the kids). Assistent re-assured me: "Ma'am this happens all the time, your car will still be there, people get disoriented here". And, yes, I was fairly sure it wasn't there where I left it....ha, I'm not dumb, neither blond.
Of course it was, in the exact same spot.
I think I will wait a while before parking in this same garage again.... they might recognize me....
Anyway, thought I'd share.


  1. Wat een giller zeg. Maar zo maak je wel eens wat mee toch?

  2. Been there, done that, I'm right there with you - don't go back for several months. Buy four 12 ft bike flags and bolt them to the four corners of the car for future parking expiditions.
    Ahem, what did you buy ...

  3. Whoehaa...ja dat kennen we o zo goed!!! Wat bij mij helpt is onze zoon meenemen, die is gek op nummers en cijfers (zo blij dat hij kan lezen) Hij heeft de nummers gezien én onthouden op welk dek en in welk vak we staan, feilloos.

  4. Hé , didn't you leave out the best part??? The reason WHY you didn't recognize your own car?? I know you are killing me for this ( oh no, you wouldn't , would you ??).You're just not used to a freshly washed shiny car. Because then , and look who's talking, they look completely different.As they have told me. :)

  5. da's helemaal een giller larein!!! ja dat kan echt een groot verschil maken. Net alsof je op je kind staat te wachten bij school, die echter vanwege het weer een andere kleur jas aan heeft....en al thuis zit terwijl jij nog staat te wachten op dat donkerblauwe jasje met een kind erin hahaha! (ervaringsdeskundige)


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