Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gadgets that work (2)

Aren't they beautiful? Oh yes they are, right until the moment I shoved them in a hot oven and they crawled all over the place....spreading their good wishes over the baking sheet. And that was not what I told them to do. Ignorant little cookies!
But the gadget worked like a charm. A little cookie cutter I purchased in Germany where you cut and press the little red button on top and it makes this cute little dents and fluted edges that are supposed to stay on the baked cookies as well. Once you use the right dough that is....
Hmm, guess I'll have to try again.


  1. Wow, die zien er (ongebakken) wel very professional uit zeg. Gaat vast lukken om het juiste deeg te vinden.

  2. And they look so very perfect on that cookie sheet. And I do remember that beautiful clean oven.

  3. Cool zo'n gadget Baking. Die zou ik dus ook niet kunnen laten liggen! Misschien kan je het recept voor petit beurre eens testen wat nu op het BW forum te vinden is...? Daar past dit vormpje wel bij vind ik!



  4. Zou je nog kunnen achterhalen wáár precies je deze fun gadget hebt gekocht? Ben gefascineerd!


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