Friday, December 22, 2006

Cinnamon Swirl

One for the freezer (and Christmas brunch later). A very handsome, easy to bake cinnamon bread.

Adapted from King Arthur
12.3/4 oz all purpose flour (broodbloem)
1/3 cup potato flakes (aardappel puree vlokken..Lidl?)
1.1/4 ts salt
1/2 ts cinnamon
3 tbs sugar
2.1/2 ts yeast
4 tbs butter
8-9 ounces milk (halfvolle melk)
1 oz sugar
1.1/2 ts cinnamon
1 oz raisins
2 ts ap flour
Egg wash made from 1 egg beaten with 1 tbs water
In a large mixing bowl, combine all dough ingr., mixing until the dough begins to come away from the sides of the bowl. Knead 5-7 minutes by machine until the dough is smooth and satiny. Transfer to a oiled bowl, cover and set aside to rise for 1 to 1.1/2 hr until puffy (maybe doubled in bulk but not necessarily so).
Pulse filling ingredients (except egg wash) in a food processor/blender.
Transfer dough to a lightly oiled work surface (I recommend this for all bread instead of flouring the work surface because it really is so much easier to work with and you won't compromise your dough with additional flour). Shape into a long narrow rectangle, brush with eggwash and pat the filling onto the dough. You could use butter instead, which is very yummy but the bread will unravel a bit upon cutting, the eggwash will keep it together. Beginning with a short end, roll into a log, pinch seams and place the log in a 8.1/2 x 4.1/2 loaf pan. Cover and let rise for another hour.
Bake in a preheated oven for about 45 minutes.


  1. Hmm, makes me hungry, Karen. Good idea to make things in advance. I have neither time to make things in advance OR à point. I wonder how my Christmas dinner will look like this year. I hope all my studio work gets done until then. Cooking ? Oh my. Thank you, but without cooking and baking and just "work" I am not a sweetie at all.

    (thank you for your message, I will come back in the evening...)

    Much love and keep going...

  2. Ho, ho a fancy new look here!
    Still the bread's the best part! I love cinnamon bread. You bake works of art my friend.
    I finally got around to freezing a shaped loaf in the pan and baked it day later. Took it out of the freezer in the am and baked it in late afternoon! That was great! Fresh baked and work done days ago. Don't know if that the right way but it worked well that time.


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