Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Photo courtesy of Floris, he can tie his own shoes now... and what work of art he has made! He reminds me a bit of the boy in a shop in San Francisco Chinatown, who was so proud while showing his co-worker his shoes: "Look, new shoes; Leebok!" It is more than 15 years ago and we were walking by the shop at the time, this was the only bit of the conversation we heard but it still is part of our family speak.

However, I am really pulling all shoelaces I can find, have to get myself prepared and ready...'cause I'm leaving in little more than a week!! But there are so many things to do before I can get on to that plane. Plane to where? I'll tell you, but not right now!

At the moment I am washing curtains, making them shorter (why, why, why now? Because my mom will be staying here....can't have unwashed, unfinished curtains can we? tsssk). Clearing out the attic (why, why, why now? Because ...). I feel I have to "do" the basement as well, which doubles as pantry and is as my mom casually mentioned: quite messy. (why why why now? Well, eh Mam?). Have an appointment at the dentist this week, desperately need to go to the hairdresser and I am trying to finish some other really "need to" things as well.
Do I really need to? No, of course not! I am just nuts!

Please remind me that I have to get my car to the mechanic! And the parent-teacher meeting tonight, and Wessel's best friend staying over on Wednesday (oops they have a birthday party to go to on Wednesday, all three of them). And the gifts for Sinterklaas have to be ready this weekend. And the bedlinen changed. The bathroom cleaned. Meals prepared (no, I don't have to do that, my mam can cook pretty decent meal, grocery shopping then?). Gosh, I am going to get away! Wow!

But first I am leaving for a day of funshopping in Germany with Larein on Friday. Yippee! (Have to get the children enrolled in lunchclass).

And then, then....I'll be leaving for Vienna next wednesday! Tadaaaa! Will be staying in Vienna for four whole days! Meeting Angelika! I am soo looking forward to that! Can you imagine the emails flying hin und her? We enjoyed ourselves so much in anticipation. Almost, almost there Angelika!

Wow, writing all this down really helps. A lot! Thank you for reading.. as you will understand we had pizza on Saturday (and fries on Sunday, shhh don't tell anyone). See production line and helping hands here. And a very proud Timo:

Update: this was written on Tuesday, we are here now:
parent-teacher meeting: done (all happy faces!)
birthday party: done
sleep over: done (happy but tired faces)
curtains: three done, three to go
lunchclass: kids arranged to lunch with friends (happy faces)
presents for Angelika and Gino: almost done (happy faces?)
pants: done
hair: done (happy face)
blog: done
groceries: done
sinterklaas shopping: almost done
dentist: this afternoon
car: oops!


  1. Oh, I do love anticipation - it is something to savor. Anything but a happy face on Gino would be very odd and I know Angelika will have a happy face for you - she's plenty excited for you to see her Vienna!
    Man, Floris's shoe laces are just so adolescent! and Timo is such a sweetheart-with a super pizza. We did a production pizza the other night, pizza just lends it's self to that so well. Multiple hands impart so much flavor.
    Have a really wonderful time with Angelika and then the weekend with Husband! Hooray-Love Vienna!!!

  2. Ik wens je geweldig veel plezier in wenen met Angelika.
    Even een opmerking: Ik wilde via jou even op haar site kijken, maar ik krijg daar heel wat anders...., dus maak hier ook maar even een punt van zodat ik ook een happy face krijg!:-)


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