Thursday, October 12, 2006

Macaroni and cheese?

Microwave pinging. Ah so this is the Blogging by mail macaroni and cheese? Mom, are you sure? It looks like someone has melted Cheetos Chipitos over macaroni...It smèlls like someone has melted Cheetos Chiptios over macaroni...
Stern female voice-over: "No children, listen carefully, this is what children in the United States get for dinner, so get ready, grab your forks and empty that bowl please. Your exhausted Mom has an entire cook-less evening today".
Hmm (stealthily looking at each other, at their mother, at their bowls)
Forks ticking
One of them is appointed spokes-person: Maham, we really tried and I think we had enough. Scrapes throat: we do like it though but it is a bit eh much, our bellies are filled now. Can we please get some yoghurt for dessert?
Female voice-over doesn't trust her voice and manages to nod approval from behind the newspaper and her three dear children rush to the fridge.. So much for Trader Joe's Macaroni and Cheese, no preservatives added, and the all-natural Wisconsin cheddar macaroni and cheese which gets its orange color from annatto and beta carotene, not from artificial sources mind you....
There's a slight difference between Trader Joe's and Momma Karen's macaroni...theirs make better for pictures.

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  1. LOL Poor things. Now, I will give you my recipe for *real* macaroni and cheese (being made tonight for dinner) and you can try that on your kids. Bet they love it ;)

    We had a similar experience with that frozen puree out of the freezer cabinet in the supermarket. I bought it this week because I wasn't feeling well, made some sausages and broccoli to go with it and the kids were like 'Mam, ik lus het niet!' Hmm. After one bite I was like 'ok, eat everything else then'. Who would have thought packaged food could be SO bad?

    (And don't ask me why they must speak Dutch to me when they don't like something or don't want to do something - maybe they think I won't really understand them and thus won't be annoyed?)


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