Friday, August 18, 2006


Pomelo with red grapefruit and lemon
I was going to ask you if you were familiar with this giant green fellow, but then I ruined it by posting yesterday and mention the pomelo inners there...
Anyway I enjoyed myself this week by asking any unsuspecting visitor of my house: do you know what this is, look and feel! So, yes, it is a pomelo indeed. I had to ask the greengrocer what it was called and brought it home, set it in front of the computer and googled. (Yes
Mr. Google I did use your search engine so I am entitled to use the verb "to google").

The pomelo is the largest member of the citrus fruits and grows throughout Asia, Malaysia, Tahiti, New Guinea, and Fiji. It is also now grown in the Caribbean and in the United States, in California and Florida. Like grapefruits, they can range from almost seedless to very seedy, from juicy to dry, from sweet to sour. It is sweeter than a grapefruit and can be eaten fresh, although membranes around the segments should be peeled.
This is what I found....and tried to do....pooh, did I wrestle the green giant! The skin is very tough and the membranes are even tougher, I really had to work hard. But I liked the taste, not overly sour, mine wasn't especially juicy but had a nice mouthfeel. Will I buy it again? Nah, don't think so. Too much hard work.
It is said that pomelos are especially popular for Chinese New Year. The Chinese believe the Pomelo is a sign of prosperity and good fortune - good things will happen if they eat it. Can't wait!

Surfing the net you will find lots of recipes featuring the pomelo in mostly salads and the odd dessert (although in Asia it is used mainly in desserts), more info and a recipe for candied pomelo peel you will find
here but maybe you would like to read this nice site where Su-Mei Yu shares Thai recipes and memories.
Well what did I use it for? Besides the pieces-for-the-cook (and her little helpers) the main part of the pomelo featured in a salad which I will bring to a party.....


  1. Prosperity and good fortune come to those with pomelos! I'd best go get me one or two.

  2. I got ahead of myself and could have waited for your Pomelo Post!! And in Texas, the black eyed pea is the choice for prosperity in the new year! Think I might like the pomelo better!

  3. I have to say, as a citrus fan I have never tasted a pomelo. I just dont come around too many, if any at all around here.
    Although I am dying to try it.


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