Saturday, August 19, 2006

Farmhouse bread

Still enjoying my new bread baking book, I made this wonderful whole wheat loaf. I played around with the recipe and what I got was a grain-sweet medium brown bread, quite dense but still airy enough to be pleasant. I think the substitutes I made were responsible for the firmness, substituted a part white for wholewheat and completely substituted barley and millet grits with "Graham's gryn" which came back with me from Sweden.

Recipe as adapted from Beth Hensperger's Celtic farmhouse bread:
1.1/2 c boiling water
1 cup Grahams gryn (orig. barley/millet grits)
1 tbs active dry yeast
pinch of sugar
1/2 c warm water
3 tbs honey
3 tbs vegetable oil
1 egg
1 tbs salt
2 tbs whole wheat (orig. wheat bran/germ)
1/4 c barley flour
1/3 c whole wheat (orig. rolled oats)
1/3 c yellow cornmeal
1.1/4 c whole wheat flour
2.5 to 3 c bread flour or unbleached ap (I used a basic flour as I was out of bread flour, added 2 tbs vital gluten for much needed strength but was left with a very slow rising bread due to this flour I guess)

In a small bowl pour boiling water over grits. Let stand 30 minutes to soften and cool. (Resembles glue....don't think, just use) In a small bowl sprinkle yeast and sugar over warm water, dissolve and let stand until foamy.

Combine all ingredients except white flour and yeast in a large bowl and beat hard until smooth, about 1 minute. Beat in yeast mixture and add white flour until a soft sticky dough is formed.
Turn out on a floured surface and knead by hand a few times till it is soft and springy (the dough will have a nubby look and still will be quite sticky). Bulkrise in deep greased container, covered for 2 - 3 hrs until doubled.

Divide in two, make tight oblong loaves and let rise, covered, for another 40 minutes. Oven 375F, bake for 35 - 40 minutes.

I loved the soft lightly sweet/nutty interior and the crust provided extra bite. It was quite versatile, we had it together with a green salad, but the next morning with cheese and/or jam or cold cuts it was equally tasty.


  1. mmmmmm, looks soo good!

  2. Looks like the cover photo on the Bread Baker's Apprentice!! Nice job!

  3. I'd say you've got a winner here.
    Looks very good.


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