Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lost and Found

Do you remember this post? I lost the diamond in my engagement ring that day, on October 21. Today is May 2 and I just returned from the jewellers. (Don't know what took them so long..)

Now look again...

And this is what happened: During the second week of April, son nr. 2 came in from the frontyard and cried: "Mom, look what I found!" and out of his clenched fist rolled this little glimmering stone. Busy cooking I glanced in his direction and thought oh well, another "boys treasure"..... then I looked again and a small hope was forming in my mind...could it be? Together we looked again, held it against the light, tried to scratch it with my nail, finally tried to fit it into the empty ring...and it fits beautifully!!! Is this for real? Would it be?

Can you imagine to find such small treasure after 5 months? All these windy months of rain, snow, blowing autumn leaves, playing children... Sometimes you'll read stories like this in magazines and you go like Yeah right! Dûh! All I can say is: it happens, sometimes.....when you are real lucky (and have a 9-yr old, looking for a little screw he lost!)
His choice that day:


  1. Gelukkig, soms kan je kinderen platzoenen. Het geeft ook weer iets extra's aan de ring.
    Groetjes Riet

  2. Congratulations!!!
    Hip hip hurray for the treasure-hunters!!!!

  3. How nice!
    Several years ago, my daughter had been distraught over losing her pretty antique engagement ring, and feeling guilty for not having had it resized to fit more snugly. Some weeks later, an apartment neighbor stopped by, and said she had just noticed it in the hall, right outside their door.

    Do you think these special inanimate objects have some sort of homing instinct?

  4. What great news! It's amazing how these things work out.

  5. I couldn't believe this was really happening, it makes the ring extra special now. Amazing indeed!


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