Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moroccan Purim bread

This is my Easter egg surprise bread ready for proofing and it's a winner! It's really fun to bake and not difficult at all! Next time I will use colored eggs to make it even more fun. Traditionally you'll serve this "Chubzeh di Purim" for breakfast with the egg peeled and mashed with a fork.. I thought that was an odd combination as the bread is flavoured with anise, ground almonds, a few raisins and sesame seeds but the result is surprisingly yummy!
Next time I'll give it a little less oventime, cause mine came out a little too dark. Recipe is from Maggie Glezer's "A Blessing of Bread"

Easter greetings from this buttery lamb...(In Holland we have two Easter Days)


  1. Gorgeous! You are so clever-this looks and sounds just wonderful! I must have this book!

  2. This really is a good bread, not overly sweet, the anise and almonds flavour is just present and the sesame adds a nutty touch. Imho the book is absolutely worth buying. Maggie summarizes the recipes first, giving you a time frame and difficulty level so you know up front whether you'll be able to fit it into your schedule. As a bonus there are stories of the history and traditions of Jewish baking throughout the world, even offering a bit of insight in the rules of challah and the blessings.

  3. Hi,

    I was searching for pictures of Moroccan Purim bread, and I love the picture you have here. I'm making a video about Purim traditions around the world and was wondering if you'd let me use that picture in my video? I would be very grateful. Thank you.


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