Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chocolate...on your bread?!

This chocolate-spread craze keeps on going strong... No matter which bread I bake, two of my kids insist on chocolate on at least one slice per breakfast/lunch. You would think after nine years or so they would have their fill. No way! It ain't bread if it ain't spread! Especially son nr. 2 is a chocolate monster and he doesn't care for the high-end spreads (Nutella, Duo Penotti) the cheapest brands will do. The vanilla-hazelnut is still favourite, although he has tried the banana/chocolate, the caramel/ chocolate and coconut/chocolate too.

We do have a variety of chocolate in the Netherlands, not only spreads but hail, sprinkles and flakes too, I've even seen thin sheets of chocolate! Check out this site but beware, the shipping prices are shocking!

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  1. When I was 13 and my brother was 11, we lived in London for 6 months and then drove around Europe for a month. We stayed with some friends in Germany where my brother discovered that some kids are allowed to have chocolate sprinkles for breakfast! He loved them so much (who doesn't?) when we moved back home and each got a kitten, he named his Hagel after his beloved chocolate breakfast. : )


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