Thursday, March 23, 2006


I hate to throw food out. I love trying new ingredients. I buy new ingredients and never ever find the recipe again which inspired me to buy it in the first place. I nearly never follow directions (thanks to the Husband for always helping me to plan a route, I really don’t know why I keep getting lost, and no I don’t think a gps in my car would help, would it?)
With this said, I set out to find a recipe to get rid of a tub of fresh cheese (kwark? Quark?) which was almost past the exp. date. And preferrably use kardemom too, see above.
What I found was a Finnish kardemom scented bread with a filling of creamcheese and raisins. Recipe directions? See above. I tweaked the recipe. A bit. At this point of time the dough is rising, the filling is ready and both smell too good to be true. This is what I did:

500 gr patent flour (all-purpose)
1 ts salt
1.1/2 ts yeast
1 tbs gluten (just to be sure, you might use 2 ground vit. C tablets instead)
50 gr sugar
1.1/2 ts kardemom
270 gr milk
½ egg, beaten
70 gr butter/margarine
100 gr raisins (I mixed in some dried apple pieces to a total of 100 grams)

Knead to a supple dough and let rise until doubled in size, approx. 1 hour.

225 gr fresh cheese (kwark)
50 gr raisins (again mixed in some dried apple pieces)
½ egg, beaten (don’t you love how you use a complete egg in this recipe? No left overs!)
70 gr milk
1 package vanilla sugar
2 tbs sugar
juice and zest of ½ lemon (I used a ts lemonjuice and a ts of readymade lemonzest)
2 tbs thick eggnog (advocaat) The tbs being my translation of tilting the bottle and shake….
1 tbs custard powder
Combine and stir.

Roll out the dough into a circle or square (1/2 cm, or ¼ inch), depending on the pan you are going to use, make sure you have some overlap. Either a springform or a baking tray with raised edges will be fine. Place the dough in your greased baking tray and trim the edges. (From the extra dough you can form crosswise stripes to decorate the top of the pie). Pour the filling in and leave the dough to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes. Bake for 40 - 50 minutes, 350F or 175C.

Edit: Made this quarkpie some time ago and I think the amount of kardamom was a wee bit too much for me. Other than that...loooove the filling and the bread could easily take double the amount of filling. Fun to bake for Easter!


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  2. Hahaha, zie boven... even een verklaring daarvoor:

    zoonlief zit op typles, en de letters op het toetsenbord zijn voor 75% afgeplakt waardoor ik iets totaal bizars had geproduceerd. Maar je let even niet op en het staat HOP, opeens als comment!

    wat ik dus wil zeggen is dat ik helemaal verslingerd ben aan gebakken kwarktaart. Ik heb daar ook een recept voor maar nog nooit gemaakt want ik ben de enige die het eet. Het is een baksel dat ZO zwaar op de maag ligt, dat een betonblok er niks bij is.

    Maar wel absoluut fabolicious! Deze van jou wil ik best in wat voor vorm dan ook een keer komen keuren!

  3. This has a lovely Yorkshire Pudding look about it. Mmm.

  4. Rahka Pirakka is lovely Finnish comfort food!

  5. Funny name but wow that looks really great. Cheese? it must be good!


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