Thursday, January 05, 2006

You Tarzan, me Jane?

Santa brought me this cute package all the way from Africa (hmm, but I think this store has something to do with it). I love the way the little bottles look, the beads, the colors everything.... and even the back of the box is a surprise. Click on the picture to enlarge, I hope you will be able to read the text.

The bottles all have different flavours, kiwi, chilipepper, jalapeno and peri-peri. The serving suggestions are very versatile: "Ideal as a table top ingredient for all fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Use in marinades, or add a few drops to curries, soups and pasta for that extra flavour". But, yes indeed you could feel it coming, what is keeping me, why haven't I opened one single bottle yet? Because of the cuteness? True. Because when I use it I want to enjoy it to the fullest? True. Because I would like to cook a special meal to enhance the flavours with? Also true.
But would it possibly have something to do with the warning on the back of this one....


  1. well...some like it hot!
    It's probably safer to keep them closed with those nice beads and all...but hey, sometimes it's better to life dangerous (and be couragous like a Zulu-warrior :)
    So send your man out this weekend to shoot some zebra or krokodile....and keep the fire-extinguisher standby!!!

  2. You don't think I should use this as a nice accessory in my kitchen? You know, ethnical, nice colours? No? Okay, I will let you know then...if I can't speak anymore because of the flames I can surely type. Hmm, I like the idea of the Husband going native, he should wear a safari-outfit or a bearskin of some sort....


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