Sunday, December 18, 2005


I am in the Christmas spirit! Or rather my nose is. It resembles Rudolph's at the moment. Timing couldn't have been better. So much to do and so little time to do it in. Excellent to have a cold now. But, coughing bouts and kleenex wipes aside this post at Farmgirls Fare made me smile. She mentioned my blog! (giggles through stuffed nose). So here's an excuse to post in English again (and hope for some worldwide visitors at my blog) and pray my little grey cells will work with me.

I am, however, supposed to be baking stollen this week and lots of other things. Cookies, Lebkuchen, muffins for my sons school Christmas breakfast and oliebollen because we are having a pre-Newyears party next Saturday at a friends house and what is New Years Eve without oliebollen?. And then there is this Christmas brunch thing the second day of Christmas at my house.....I really need to get myself back in shape.
Anyway, back to stollen: Clare at Eat Stuff in Australia has issued a worldwide baking challenge. Click here for Clare's recipe (scroll down). She uses a different recipe but it sure looks deli. In this post she is daring everyone to try their hand at making this delicious (and easy) classic German Christmas cake. Then you are supposed to write about it and send Clare your permalink so she can include it in the roundup. Funny thing is, I haven't got a clue what a permalink is (might consider changing my haircolour maybe?). So I commented on her site and left my blogaddress. And how things are going in this fascinating blogworld, my post popped up at Farmgirls site. Love it!

Anyway, back to bed now, pen and paper at the ready for some to-do lists and getting a good night's sleep...tomorrow is another day.


  1. Hello!

    I am very glad that you are about to bake a stollen :)
    The permalink is located on the date and time at the bottom of your post, it is the link to just that post. I hope that make sense?

    But I will definately check back!

    I can't wait to see your Stollen!

  2. Hi Clare thks for visiting. And you might have noticed all these ligthbulbs above my head? I pointed that little arrowthingy on the date at the bottom of my post and guess turns into a little hand and says "permanent link" ...would that be permalink? ::snickers and slightly turning bright red:: gosh I feel like a real intelligent human being now. ...pfff haha

  3. lol
    that is ok :)
    Lot's of people have the same problem ;)

  4. Al dagen loop ik in paniek door het huis, te bedenken dat ik na jaren jaar van oliebollen kopen (15 jaar geleden soort van sponsen gebakken, die wel olie, maar weinig bol waren) er nu toch echt aan moet geloven en oliebollen moet gaan bakken. Maar joepie zie nu dat jij dat voor mij gaat doen.

    Kan ik proberen huis in orde te maken (niet letten op zojuist geconstateerde lekkage)boodschappen halen, kinderen duidelijk maken dat als we jouw zoon 1 t/m 3 willen laten slapen, het fijn zou zijn als zij hun kamer even schoon maken(houden) nieuwe kast+bureau nog steeds in elkaar zetten (deense gebruiksaanwijzing wel erg deens?zweeds?enfin onleesbaar)
    Het vervolg zie je op 24dec.
    Groet Nic


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