Friday, November 18, 2005

Domino Day

Tonight's the night! It's Domino day! The kids are in their pyjamas, coffee for us and milk or tea for them, cookies for now and popcorn later. We will sit glued to the tv-screen and watch the coloured stones fall and oh and ah with every project that works out okay.

Let me explain a bit; it's not the pizza giant putting on a fantastic marketing scheme, it's about little coloured stones, row upon row of them, set in amazing patterns and intricate weaving of colours and figures. Some patterns will reveal faces, or famous paintings, others are set in a resemblance of known famous buildings or features. (e.g. the Collosseum). This years theme will be neverending stories.
This is all accomplished by weeks of preparation by teams of -international- students (90 people this year) and the ultimate goal is to set a world record, and of course a spectacle tv-night.

And....this year there was this tiny tiny bird who set out to spoil it all, found itself a way into the building and managed to destroy quite an amount of already finished project......
Rumour has it that they really really tried to catch the bird... fact is that eventually they saw no other way than to shoot the bird (wonder where he landed .... Ouch!). Well that was enough for a lot -and I mean a lot!- of discussion with animal rights groups and the lot. A radiostation set a price for anyone to enter the building and destroy as much stones as they could.. (I know this english could have been better but couldn't find my translation button today, I'm sorry, at least I tried)


  1. It was very fine English, better than many who speak it every day.

    Saw you at FarmGirlFare.

  2. sjeetje, je maakt er echt een heel mooi geheel van van je blogje, ik ben trots op je!

    Leuk die foto's!


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