Saturday, November 05, 2005

Birthday present

Sunday afternoon my neighbour had her 72nd birthday and I thought it would be nice to give her a few pots of home-made jelly, chutney and marmelade. And a loaf of home made bread maybe? So I returned to this site to pick another video and watch Mr. Blackshirt at work.

In this video he bakes a boule, decorates it nicely with roses and leaves. He further explains how to turn this bread into a soup bowl. Okay let's forget the soup, forget the bowl (that won't work in my house where the soup isn't eaten quick enough for the bowl to hold its shape, imagine the mess that would create!).
But the roses! I definitely fell for the roses. So cute! I figured I could at least give it a try. It looked fairly simple the way he did it. Donned my black shirt, rolled up my sleeves (yes, I know I shouldn't) made this and forgot to take a picture before wrapping ;( :


  1. okay, okay..mister blackshirt really can cook! But, if you realy watch can see him role up his sleaves!!! And i've never seen someone tackling his dough with only his fingers..and make a nice bread of it too.So..I think he is an magician..and they're always in black!!
    By the way..your work also looks like magic,well done !!what a nice present to get!

  2. Ehhh, die verjaardagen die jij altijd vergeet.... is het niet eens tijd om dat goed te maken?

    22-12! Goed onthouden!

  3. was ik maar jarig (by the way,de vorige nic, was niet van mij)


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