Thursday, October 06, 2005

Chirpy Chirpy sheep sheep...

The rightful owner of the sheep and thereby entitled to invent the name this sheep contest is back in business and maybe just maybe there will be a winning name soon. Although, her perception of "soon" leaves something to wish for. Those of you who read her blog will definitely

Too bad mrs Annie MG Schmidt is not that famous in the US otherwise there would be a sheep named Veronica. I did come up with another name -inspired by a song- and had a lot of fun all by myself just trying to remember the lyrics and singing out loud, while rows of imaginative sheep went from one corner of my PC-screen to the other. Do you remember? Just for the fun of it, try singing this:

"last night I heard my mama singing a sohohong, oowee, chirpy chirpy sheep sheep,
woke up this morning and my mama was gohohone..."

By the way, how do you like your lambchops? Well done, medium or rare.... After all, this is supposed to be a foodblog.

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  1. Well, at least I know the lyrics to the chirpy sheep song now! LOL, what a funny post. Hmmmm. . . Veronica? Did you officially enter that name?

    P.S. The Secret Panel of Judges has spent several hours poring over the 35+ pages of entries in the Name That Sheep contest. We hope to have a decision shortly! (Note, I did not say soon. : )


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