Sunday, July 12, 2015

And back with the round up Buddies Bake Muesli rolls!


Thank you all for your patience while we were frolicking in the Scottish countryside… most of the time we were dry and happy (eh that is we were happy all of the time and dry mostly). No really, the only steady rain we encountered was while camping on/in/at (?) the Isle of Skye. Grey skies all around, downpour that stopped just long enough to squeeze in a tough hill climb up Old Man Stor.



The rest of the days we stayed in B&B’s, walked a lot, saw even more, ate our share of eggs and bacon (no, we didn’t try haggis), tried out too many home baked treats with our coffee’s. I love to see home baking in the coffee shops these days, no more store bought shizzle but real stuff,Yay! That, and the fact that decent coffee is making the rounds!

Anyway…. Buddy Round up is here:

Gilad translated the recipe and blogged about it in Hebrew, made it vegan ánd used a soaker !







muesli rolls 04Victoria is a first time Buddy (Hi Victoria!) blogs at My bread and Brot, increased the walnuts and did the first rise –bulk rise- overnight in the fridge (Now that is good news for anyone in need of time)






And of course Carola at Sweet and that’s it! baked with us; she already made loads of muesli rolls but was still happy to see this recipe!






muesli bread post 2


This is Harini who blogs at Ladles and whisks, she made use of a soaker and used oat meal instead of whole wheat, I love the black and wite sesame seeds she used!








Shirley, Flourish.en Test kitchen, also thought of soaking the ingredients and was very happy with the results, also subbed whole wheat for spelt. Healthy idea!






I think I have caught all of you Buddies out there, I really enjoyed scrolling through your blogs and salivated at your pictures. Seeing so many of you using a soaker for the add-ins this will surely be the next thing I will try using this recipe. I also love to see how versatile this recipe is, with the Babes as well with the Buddies we saw all kinds of additions and substitutions which clearly added to the interest of the bread while at the same time kept the heart of the recipe intact.

Thanks for baking with us and see you next time!!



  1. Lovely round up Karen. Great looking buddies! Your last beautiful paragraph is iconic gracious Karen. Beautiful wonderful buddies!!

  2. Glad you had a great time in Scotland Karen. Great round up, all rolls looks delicious.... I baked these for a second time, so I could have entered as a buddy too haha. tweaking the recipe each time... each time delicious.

  3. An excellent round-up for excellent rolls, Karen!

    I am suitably envious of your travels in Scotland - even the camping in the rain. (There's something so comforting about sitting inside the tent, warm and dry, looking out the mesh screen at the wet green outside and listening to the rain drops falling on the fabric roof.)


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