Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Bread Baking Babes: Pretzel Croissants


This month Heather over at girlichef is our host and she asked us to marry her. Or wait… she introduced her recipe and then asked if we wanted to marry her? I am not sure but it had something to do with pretzels, croissants, butter and marriage. Something. Not sure which was first.

Butter and croissants is always a good idea. Reading a recipe before you pick a day to bake is a good idea. No, make that reading your recipe thoroughly especially when you plan is a very good idea. Certainly when those recipes involve something with puff pastry and dough. (Cautionary advice; it wouldn’t hurt to read through anything regarding marriage before you embark either..)

Of course I didn’t read the recipe thoroughly. I skipread the recipe with a firm accent on the skip part of skipreading. I saw croissants… pretzels… yadayadaa…. –mumbling holy cow that’s a lot of butter this month- latidaaah sesame seeds, glaze…oh baked baking soda now that is interesting…teedeedeee.. loads of time left to bake…wheewheewhee … birthdays, last tests for school…let’s see..hmmm this week I can manage but not on tuesday.

And then I heard my fellow Babes over the three day approach…. and the two day approach…. and dough in the freezer to divide the hands on time…

My brain went in overdrive. (To be honest? It went fuzzy first.. that’s where I asked if I could use my puff pastry I had resting in the freezer. Of course not. Read the recipe!)

So. To make a long story short. No pretzels today. No croissants either. Nope not going to happen. Think I will make a Buddy this month.

me-made flower arrangement for Easter

However… please hop on over to my Bread Baking Babes to see how gorgeous and flakey their croissants turned out!

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  1. You do need to make these pretzel croissants. They are so worth the effort, but don't rush them. Just relax and smile. You'll be glad you did.

  2. I hope you try them. They're really not daunting once you get at it. ;)

  3. Life does have a way of getting away from us at times, doesn't it?

  4. You retained MUCH more than I did! I only got as far as "pretzels" and "croissants". And even though I imagined that I would be making them in one day, and it turned out to take three (or was it four??) I think they probably can be made in two.... Do give them a shot. You could make half a recipe and make really small croissants. (Heh heh, maybe that would speed up the process.)

  5. Only you could make "skip" sound like a fun but reasonable thing to do.
    Really though don't skimp, make the whole recipe and freeze half the dough for the next week end because you'll be like me: that's just too weird they can't be any good TO OMG these are gorgeous ... what do you mean their all gone there were 12 of them, what freak ate 8 of them. I want more ... and/ that's when you want to be able to be able to pull out the magic of the frozen dough.

  6. I love how your flower/plant arrangement manages to have a half moon shape... but your boy will love these too, so you probably will the pressure to bake them. I'm missing you, hope you're doing fine.


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