Friday, November 29, 2013

Bread Baking Buddies show Aloo Paratha! The roundup:

And off we go; our Buddies came through with their version of our November bake: Aloo Paratha! So this is show-and-tell-time, or maybe it's show me your stuffing time? We were glad to see we weren't the only ones trying to keep our filling from escaping.


First let me introduce you to Sunita over at My Foodlab, where we all had more or less trouble in keeping the filling in while rolling the parathas as flat as possible Sunita added an extra challenge by making a filling with radishes... radishes ooze liquid... and still she made beautiful paratha!

Beautifully crisp parathas with an original yummy filling were made by Carola, at Sweet and that's it, look at how thin and crispy they are:

Renee shows us her non-traditional baking at Kudos Kitchen, she made crunchy potato pockets and used leftover potato mash in the filling, clever!

Aloo Parantha Recipe

Gilad baked along for the 13th time (we're flattered and happy!!) send me a link to his blog and shows us the process in pics as well, have a look:

And if you weren't already hungry you should take a closer look at these beauties! Lucille baked and send me her picture.... I want a plate of those! (yes please and some of that dip!)

Sandie blogs at Crumbs of Love and send her daughter to school with leftover parathas... I wouldn't mind such a lunchbox! Gorgeous filling there as well:

Ivy showed her first ever Buddy Bake and paratha's at our facebook group:

As did Louise; Louise took a very practical approach, no rolling? Then just push and flatten and see how forgiving this recipe is:
Louise Persson's photo.

I am happy to see so many of you baking with us, our next challenge is underway and we hope you find some gap in your busy December schedule to bake along with us. We will post as always on the 16th and I can already tell you that Lien will invite us at her kitchen table to be our Kitchen of the Month. Stay tuned!

Thanks again Buddies for baking with us!


  1. I love seeing all of the different variations! Great job buddies, and thanks for bringing them all together, Karen! :)

  2. Thank you Karen. Lovely being one of the buddies. Hope to join you all again next month.

  3. Wonderful round up Karen, so fun to see all the variations that are made. Isn't funny how one recipe create so many differences. Well done to all Buddies!

  4. Talented Buddies for sure. Thanks for the great round up Karen. Glad you tried these aloo parathas Buddies...I want some of each of yours.

  5. OK, this will be my fourth try to leave a comment ...
    Show & Tell, yes I guess it is and this one is grand! Terrific bread to bake Karen, many thanks.
    The buddies look wonderful.


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