Friday, December 09, 2011

In the meantime she patchworked some…

Hmm, that sounds very much like I am actually working. Nice. Patch Work. Anyway, some time ago an idea started to take shape in my head and I took off on this supersecret project which I can’t discuss here because the person receiving this might be reading along and the proceedings weren’t much to my liking.
What I really thought was something along the lines of: well how hard can it be? You cut some squares from different fabrics and then you’ll sew them all together again in a different order. Pah. I can do that. First started out with my fabric scissors.. hmm.. can’t this go quicker and more precise? So I asked and got myself a self healing mat (I like that word) and a rotary cutter for my birthday. Nice!  But it needs some getting used to. No really. And there are tricks. And rules.
Turns out there are all kinds of tricks and rules. Because when you’re done rotary cutting (straight lines girls, and straight lines are hard!)  then you find out that that old fabric that you had is not the best for a beginner. Stretchy denim anyone? Not good. Upholstery quality fabric? Not good. Well I suppose it can be done and I did it but easy and beginner worthy it is not. Then with that experience under my belt I started on the secret project. Using all cotton this time. But all cotton is not equal I found. Some cotton is a looser weave. And it will warp while sewed.
I huffed and puffed and read loads of stuff online, how to’s, tutorials, went to the library, you name it I read it. (Well, a lot anyway). Then I debated for a little while and finally allowed myself a quilting class. So that is what you see here. This is going to be a sampler quilt, learning different techniques along the way.
IMG_3895 IMG_3901 IMG_3894
Choosing fabric or rather colors is a whole new subject on itself. Boy that is HARD!
I wanted this to be something I would really use and see. So I thought I’d use purple and green because our livingroom is all shades of grey and I am currently in love with bright green and purple accents. Think grape hyacinth purple and green. Something like this.
I don’t think I got what I had in mind. I was a bit intimidated by the choice of fabrics in the quilt store and the teacher helped me get fabrics together. When she showed me her pick I thought okay, let’s do that, but I am not so sure about the result. I think a beginner is allowed her first quilt to be not so great but that is something that I have some trouble with. I need everything to be right from the start. Yeah, I like being hard on myself. (those pesky points need to line up exactly… aargh!! I am so impatient, I want to see results! Can’t use that here.. Teacher said that it is about the journey as well, not about being there. I think I need that as my mantra.IMG_3900
I found I like patchworking. I love it. Especially since we did two blocks of paper piecing! Love it!
I thought I’d let you know. There are some more blocks ready but not photographed yet. Will keep you informed. About the journey. Not the result. :-D


  1. The journey is lovely, sometimes only in retrospect ;-) but I'm liking your result! If you are less than happy perhaps keeping that hyacinth photo in front of you as you pick each fabric for a block will help ... or cover the photo with the pieces as you cut them not to match color so much as over all effect.

  2. Those colours are so well chosen!!
    I admire you patience and precision, never could do that this beautiful. Especially love that last one with the diagonal lines, like a rose.


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