Monday, December 19, 2011

Bread Baking Babes Stollen (part two)


The final breads.. what comes to mind immediately is the phrase: Function before Form… I am not too happy with the shape I got. Serves me right for shaping hastily, before dashing off (ha! Dashing…) for an unexpected errant, coming back to a fully risen tableau of three loaves that amiably pushed against each other.


Although… I am quite smitten with this littly beauty up here! This one I shaped into an oval to distinguish it from his two brothers because it’s got almond paste inside where the other two are filled with little marzipan balls.
Also this is the only one that got a coat of home made clementine-ginger jelly and the festive bigarreaux (in other words hideous coloured cherries shouting Christmas to me). Love it!


Two of the loaves are resting in the freezer now, the sugar dusted one is cut and eaten as we speak. It’s good! Could use some more filling I guess but I had to fiddle with it because my stash was diminished by me previous Baking Babes try. These have currants, raisins, cranberries, abricots and candied ginger inside. No nuts. Just Glory.



  1. I'm so envious of all that rising - even if they did rise into each other!

    The one with the cherries on top looks like it has Christmas lights on it. Even though I loathe those kind of cherries, I do love the look.

    Currants... good idea to use currants...

  2. OK that marzipan ball thing will be wrapped in our next Stollen!
    Those are so wonderful!
    Came down this morning to send two off in the mail ... down to one. Gorn beat me to one and so ...

  3. Have to admit I left Susan's recipe to make my own Elizabeth, for the sake of a quicker bake. They could have used some more liquid/butter in it, a tad on the dry side; delicious when toasted though.

    Tanna... you're kidding me! Now you have to bake again right? Wish I could hand you some marzipan balls over the fence.

  4. The marzipan-filled stollen sounds like heaven. I'm glad you made it, whatever recipe you used! And I love the "hideous" cherries -- they do shout Christmas, don't they?

  5. Everyone is prettier than the last - but I'd be picking the cherries off the top - never could resist those LOL

  6. I like the oval one with the bright cherries, too. I like to pick them off of baked goods as well. Can't take us anywhere! Merry Christmas to you Karen!

  7. Love it that you made different versions, they'll be gone before you know it!


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