Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Babe goes Buddy on Vienna Bread

Vienna BreadAstrid had the Babes following a recipe from Peter Reinhardt in the Bread Baking Apprentice and bake Vienna bread for July.
A regular white bread or so it seems but this one was made with an overnight pre-ferment. I had it started in the days before we left for our holiday thinking I would manage to bake and post in time.

That didn’t happen. Threw out the preferment and went on holiday.. there would be some time left to be still in time to post after our holiday. That didn’t happen either and I should have known I’m always in trouble getting back into rhythm again.

I made the preferment again and had it in the fridge for two days before I managed to bake. And guess what? That prolonged stay in the fridge added just enough depth to make this an interesting not regular white bread! We really liked it. Just a hint of chew, a nice crunch to the crust and a lovely crumb. Nice one Astrid!IMG_3722(I do need to work on the Dutch Crunch crust though, used all potato flour because I was flat out of rice flour and although there were slight spots visible they were not as obvious as I would have liked).

Some of us baked rolls (as we should) following Astrid’s tutorial, or you could try it this way. I made loaves… just because I could. *grins*


  1. The loaf looks beautiful, Karen! Great loft! And clearly, I've got to try that Dutch Crunch. My husband will think he's in heaven if I do....

  2. Wish I had a gorgeous loaf like yours.
    We can almost always seem to count on that preferment to give our loaves loveliness. (Clearly one of the best things about forgetfulness with dough resting in the fridge.)
    I really would love to get a great Dutch Crunch.

  3. Glad you liked it Babe!

  4. That longer stay in the fridge must have made for delicious tang. Great looking loaves!

  5. Yes indeed Natashya! Since then two of the boys asked if therewas any left (how long do they think two medium loaves last in this house amyway?)

  6. Just getting a bit more in motion here and finally feeling up to a tour of Babe Bread Baking. Wow yours looks so airy, wonderful! Your tigertop looks much better than mine, very nice.

  7. Look amazing! Love this! gloria

  8. Nice one Baking Soda! Looks delicious.


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