Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth!


I admit that I was there, right up at the edge ready to throw my laptop in the void. The stupid thing is getting so slow and goes into a temper tantrum almost every day, obsessively checking files that aren’t there…. Not much fun to start it (“Checking FAT, press a key to abort in 1, 2, 3 seconds…” S**t!! Too late, there goes another 15 minutes) and actually do something with it. Stay in contact with friends for instance (sorry girls, are you still there? It’s me, Karen, remember me?)

Been baking less and less these days, sewing has taken up a lot of my time (why and how could I do both those things at the same time? Those were the days!).
I could take pictures of what I sew and blog about that right? Hmm that means awkward positions in front of the mirror trying to chop off my head and highlight a garment. Tricky!IMG_3520

Loading pics from my point-and-shoot camera onto the laptop proves to be tricky as well. Seems that one of the files missing on the laptop is the one that should be doing just that.
I’m afraid my brain is looking a lot like this at the moment:
Aaaargh! I’m ready for a mind make-over together with my laptop. I don’t even want to think about which one is easier to accomplish!

These pics were still in my file. They’re rolls. No idea, what, how and why. I think I remember they were good. From the looks of the dough above I guess there was some preferment involved.


Hope you’re still there. I know I am. Somewhere around here. Let me check my FAT files…. (should take a while…)


  1. YOur brain looks real competend with so many connecting lines. Glad you didn't fall in the void, we'd all miss you way too much. Your laptop is about to die it seems. Don't forget to take your data in proctective custody before it all melts!!

  2. Hah! Protective custody,I like that! I transferred our holiday pics yesterday. Next step is to empty all and everything and re-install again but yes I'm afraid it is going to die on me soon.

    In the process of baking our BBB challenge that was due yesterday... oops!

  3. Me too ... most glad you didn't go over the edge and are still around and miss you terribly and Love the protective custody! ;-)

  4. Definitely still here. So glad you are too. I'd love to know more about that dough for those beautiful beautiful buns!

    (Auggghhhhhhhhhhh!! I hate it when the computer doesn't work correctly! Remember the blissful days when the only computer available was the one at the library for checking out books? And it was so huge that it took up a whole wall and required punch cards to feed it data?)

    Lien, thanks for the reminder to put data into protective custody. These computers have a nasty habit of suddenly throwing out the blue screen of death, cackling a little and then going black forever, don't they?

  5. Hey, you made it back from the black hole in the blog-iverse :o) We missed you!!
    Your rolls look totally awesome. I agree with Elizabeth. You must tell us more about that dough. It looks sticky and liquidy. Perfect for my anti-yeast phobia training :o)

  6. So glad you're still there girls! I missed you but somehow couldn't find the way back to blogging/mailing land. Will do better!

  7. I hope that you're not using that laptop as the only storage for your photos. If not, I'd take it in for a service & have them wipe the hard-drive and reinstall everything. It's not that expensive to have done, and will make your life a whole lot easier.


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