Monday, April 18, 2011

Flowers and an apology to my future daughters in law


Dear future daughter in law / or son in law (what do I know?)

I want you to know that your future husband has not been taught to bring you flowers. Because when his mom was young and foolish she once told her young husband that she didn’t want him to bring her flowers every Friday. Because she thought that was the stupidest thing ever. She explained that buying your wife flowers every week out of sheer habit was dumb. What can I say? She was young. She thought she would hate to get flowers out of sheer habit. Just because it was Friday. Her husband listened very carefully.

Well dear daughter in law, we all know now that what she should have said was: honey, I’d love for you to bring me flowers but please buy them because you love me not only because it’s Friday.


So I’m afraid that my sons, your future husbands, never got the message that it is very nice to bring flowers. I’m truly sorry.


IMG_3489There’s hope!! At least when you love to bake. (Eh.. girl… in this household you better like to bake and cook, I’m just sayin’….) Then one day he might bring you a rose. A silicon rose. That’s what my oldest son did when he returned from Rome. He bought me a silicon rose cake mold. I thought it was the sweetest thing! (and he also bought us 1 kg of Parmesan and a bottle of Limoncello. I think after all I’ve raised him right).

IMG_3490 Anyway, I baked the boys a regular pound cake in it. I loved how it turned out, I loved the crisp crust and the defined lines on the cake. Sweet!


  1. Ciao Karen ! I'm glad you finally received a rose ! You should have told me about your son coming and I would have loved to show him some hidden Rome !

  2. So sweet! I love the cake mould - and how cool that he gave you Parm and Limoncello too! ☺

  3. Haha, good boy! I'd be happy with that selection. ☺

  4. @Natalia... oh why didn't I think of that! How wonderful that would have been! Next time (and I'll make sure I'll come along then to meet you)

  5. Wat een verrukkelijk verhaal, ik heb er een brok van in mijn keel!
    You raised him right alright :).

  6. I've got a husband like that too... now I'm waiting for my boy to grow up and bring me gifts. hehehe
    Your son knows what to bring!

  7. I love your humour and you did raise your son good,I'd rather get silicone (molds) than flowers. Luckily,I have daugthers and I won't need to appologize,but who knows?!

  8. Beautiful cake! Flowers are nice every now and again ... but cake is better. :)

  9. Seems to me your son was brought up right if he picked this present for you! :-)

  10. Gorgeous! What a thoughtful gift. You did raise him right!

  11. Certainly sounds like you raised him right! What a great post - you'll be a great mother-in-law, I'm sure!!


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