Thursday, March 24, 2011

When the sun really comes out..

You’ll slowly believe in Spring again! I’ve been hunting and gathering vegetables this afternoon and for the first time felt like a big bowl of salad for dinner. Fleetingly remembered the veal chops in the freezer.. Saw the grill from the corner of my eye. Not yet! Not yet!
The people at HSN Cooks are in the same state of mind. They are celebrating Spring by organizing a Spring Weekend Event presented by Bon Appétit!
So.. if you, unlike me, are in the States you have the possibility to check it out! This weekend is Spring weekend on HSN.
I for me would love to have a year subscription to Bon Appetit for only 9,97… Do you think they ship to the Netherlands for free? No I don’t think so either hehe.
Anyway.. when you’re hankering for Spring or inbetween enjoying the first rays of sun you might check it out.
Nope, not a sponsored post, I am that nice. No really!


  1. Great blog; happy I found you!very informative and great photography!

  2. Well they should send you a prescribtion for free for this advertisement. Glad too that the spring feeling is back here.


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