Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now who calls me tiny?

Or how a very small car trumps men at a DIY-store.

IMG_3170I had my eye on this eh rack? bookstand? accessory-ladder thingy? for some time already. But… too expensive for what it was, did I really need it, the husband wouldn’t understand, should I fill all that lovely space we created etc etc..

But.. on my way back from the hairdresser I walked in the DIY-store to check some paint-colors and there it was again! This time with a 50% price-off tag and already assembled I gave in. Schlepped it all the way through the store to the cashier and paid.

In a skirt, high heels and my hair freshly cut.
Driving my new teeny tiny car.
Never thinking about the size of that tiny car.
Because I am still not used to having a new car.

That realization only came when I walked up to my car and stopped. You see my old –very old as in 17 yr old- car was a little bigger than this one and had fold flat back seats and a fold flat passenger seat because it was a 3-door one.
This new car however is small and has the 5-doors I wanted. Which means that the passenger seat will not fold down anymore. Which means less space.

Enter the damsel in distress. Remember the skirt and the high heels and the DIY-store? Ok.
I stood there for a couple of minutes contemplating how to get the stupid thing home in one piece IN my car. Mind you, I was fairly certain I could do it. The men that passed me by on their way into the store were not so sure.

One grinned in passing and called out: that is not going to work!

One came up to me, sized the car, the rack, me, then shook his head and went on his merry way.

A pair of two walked by laughing and told me: “Now you’ve got a problem Hon!”

Another one took the time to come up to me (thank you sir, you were really nice!) and tried to think of various ways of fitting the thing into my car, even asking me where I had to go. On the brink of offering to take it but when he heard where I was headed he too shook his head, warning me that he wouldn’t take the risk.

Now THAT was all wrong you see? I mean I AM an ace-packer, the one that fits 3 weeks worth of clothes for 5 persons in two bags and always always packs the car and tent trailer. So don’t mess with my skills guys!



Granted, it took some time and various ways of trying but after 10 minutes of trying it fitted like this in my car. Back seats folded flat, front seats pushed all the way up, a shopping bag as protection and the chain lock we use to lock our gate looped through the back door and around the rack locked shut to keep it in place and prevent it from sliding out. I didn’t exactly come prepared but used what was in my car.
It took some sort of restraint to not go back into the store and show them that I did it. Yeah that’s me, pathetic.

(The Husband likes it but still feels it should be properly hanged on the wall. It shouldn’t. It is not meant to hang. It is supposed to stand like that. Honestly. All the magazines show it this way honey. Really. See? (Me showing him pictures in various magazines until he is really really bored).


  1. That is just a fantastic piece of a displayrack, fantastic. Yes I know I said that already, but I think it's double fantastic.
    (That would be great our school libr. too, where did you get it? I might take a peek there asap)

    Ah I see you have an Italian car... Italians are small but they've accomplished a lot (good and bad I dare say). You receive a gold medal winner in packing!!
    ahem.. Wilhelmus vahan Nahasauwe......ecc

  2. Haha... dat herken ik ook! Heb afgelopen voorjaar mijn ouwe (18!) polo-waar-alles-in-kon ingeruild voor een franse dinky toy. Brandstofverbruik gehalveerd, maar er past nog geen krat bier in :).
    Gaaf rekje!

  3. Lien: Karwei! Heb net even gekeken en er zit een merkje op van Woood furniture.

    Mrs J.: hier idem dito, hartstikke zuinig en die 5 deuren zijn ideaal maar eh fiets met lekke band en kind ophalen gaat niet meer.

    (boodschappen voor gezin passen er wel in trouwens! Speciaal op uitgezocht dat een boodschappenkrat er in past, had er zelfs één mee toen ik autos ging kijken haha)

    Ik voelde me echt zo stoer dat het gelukt was!

  4. Well done! And shame on them for not trying to help! We've had tiny cars before and have managed just fine, too!

  5. Mijn kind heeft al jaren een eigen auto, dus kind+fiets hoeft niet meer, maar ik had wel de hond meegenomen.
    Die zit tegenwoordig dus gewoon op de achterbank. De zak hondenvoer past gelukkig nog wel, mijn boodschappenkratje niet :)).
    You're good!

  6. Yay for your ingenuity and detrmination! I love that you added the Bake My Day letters! It really is a fabulous piece...and leaning against the wall is indeed the right way!

  7. I laughed reading the story. I could relate to it very much. I, too, feel there is no limit as to how much, or what will fit, when packing. I'm not surprised you didn't get help, the skill takes the special kind of "wanting".
    And thanks for your kind comment on my buddy participation in the Broa bake off.

  8. Ha, that's my girl. This is what makes women more strong and creative than men.

  9. lol I definitely agree. . I like the shelf, plain but pretty thing. .I adore you. Good job


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