Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of all the things you need to know..

toilet paper cartoon

You never knew you were missing out on this if you hadn’t had me around to tell you.

I am going to disclose something that is going to change the lives of your loved ones. We’re talking essential life skills. We’re going to start small. Smallest even. Starting at the smallest room of the house. (At least it is in ours).

Toilet Paper Origami !!

Long long time ago I was hired as a stewardess on a cruise ship up the Rhein, which sounds like quite the job but involved a lot of cleaning, washing dishes, making beds and serving food. And making the tell tale triangle on the roll of toilet paper when I had finished cleaning the bathroom. I never gave it a second thought why, just did as I was told. (Oh those were the days…). I guess I thought it showed our guests that the room was done. The firm that exploited the ships was Swiss-owned and boy they were thorough! The fact that I know how to make pillows with straight edges? Snap! Swiss! Using a toothbrush to get to the nitty gritty dust on the plinths? Swiss! The first time we were allowed to do the rooms by ourselves our ships mama checked with a white glove. For real. Swiss. Washing up 300 couverts by hand in under an hour wearing 3 pairs of rubber gloves because the water was so freaking hot? Swiss. Sing “der Lorelei” chorus with my co-workers in our best dress uniform with demurely folded hands while crossing the rock? Swiss. (I still remember some of the lyrics..) Those were the days I tell ya! Those days when the hills were alive I guess….

Isn’t it funny where toilet paper can lead your thoughts?

I know just the thing I am going to do tomorrow morning. First thing.


  1. Toilet paper origami - love it! It seems like a natural hobby for someone with bowel problems spending too much time on the potty.


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