Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why moose have green feet (and other cookies)

13-yr old and me decorating cookies.

Mom, wouldn't it be fun if we had green icing? Or red? It's Christmas... White is boring. The green I had wasn't exactly the Christmas kind of green but let's pretend. It's green and he was happy. How happy I found out in an instant.

Getting another batch from the oven, I turned and saw moose with green feet.

Me: What? But.. why? Why moose with green feet?

13: Sure they have green feet, figures

Me: "?"

13: Well. Like. They happen to live in swamps right? Well Dûh...

Me: "?!"

13: (sighs) Hence the green feet...tssk

Ooookaaay fast forward. There's another 13yr-old in this house and he enters the building:

13 #2: Hey, moose with green feet. That's fun! (chews and swallows) And good!

Me: would you believe your brother gave the moose green feet?

13 #2: Have you ever seen a moose upside down in a swamp?

Me: No!!

13#2: Ha, see? Now you know why!

13#1 and 13#2 make a high five and leave the kitchen.....


  1. Boys are the best!! Their logic knows no boundaries! Great fun. x

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. When my daughter was little, we made paint brush cookies. They were basic sugar cookies cut out in Christmas shapes and when they were cool, I made half a dozen colors of cookie icing and gave her a package of brand new art paintbrushes and let her "paint" the cookies with icing any way she wanted. We had purple angels and red and yellow trees and she had a great time.

    I haven't made the spice cake yet - maybe later tonight - and I'll let you know how it turns out.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Haha logisch toch!!
    Hier zijn de kerstkoekjes ook versierd in alle kleuren van de regenboom. Tegenwoordig ook de 'kip'-uitsteker erbij, want met kerst kan je toch kip eten?? (nou ja in koekjesvorm het liefst toch in hun ogen ;D)

  5. What fun and you are lucky to have a teen who wants to bake with you! I also have a moose cookie cutter so I can also have moose with green feet! Yay!


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