Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fresh Tomato Salsa on Ruby Tuesday (6)

I am sure you all have been making fresh tomato salsa since you could hold a knife, have to tell you however that this was a first for me.. (yes that's a strawberry there and I know it's not supposed to be there but let me assure you that it was a really nice addition).
The love for tomatoes came late in life for me, although my mom tried every trick in the book to let me enjoy fresh tomato; sprinkled with salt and pepper, dipped in sugar.. just didn't like them. Baked yes, grilled fine, sauce great but fresh, eaten like you would eat an apple? No thank you.

It's different now. I even make fresh tomato salsa!

fresh ripe tomatoes, diced
onion, chopped fairly small
lime juice
olive oil/lemon flavoured olive oil
pinch of cumin
cilantro (fresh or lightly roasted seeds)
salt and pepper
aleppo pepper flakes (or any fresh chili, handle with care!)

No quantities, it was an instant idea and I just went ahead with it. I added some shredded basil leaves, some fresh chopped parsley and chives, because they were there in my windowsill staring at me... oh and the ripe red strawberries of course. Just a couple, quartered.
Absolutely something to do again, so simple but good!

This is another one for Ruby Tuesday.


  1. Instant idea and I went with it ... those are just the best!
    Strawberry ... well why not and to think I just bought a lot of strawberries yesterday!

  2. very pretty! next time i make salsa i'll have to add some cumin.

  3. Looking good. I love cooking from the spot. Just check the fridge and go... you can get to great dishes. Love that strawberry addition.


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