Monday, May 18, 2009

Black & white: the bag

Black & white bag top

Isn't it cute? The (Ikea) fabric started as curtains that I made for son nr.1, from the scraps I envisioned a toy-bag for my sister's little baby boy. 

When the twins were born a friend presented me with two toy-bags, basically the shape of a grocery bag, lined, handles positioned so that they can be looped over the railing of a cradle/box (is that what it is called in English?) and fastened with two buttons. Ideal to store the plenty little toys that babies have. My sisters living room has a black and white scheme so I offered to sew her such a bag in black and white.
Black & white bag front
Yesterday I started sewing, and decided to call her before I positioned the handles, I had an inkling that she might not want it after all and then I could easily change it to become a regular bag...

She didn't want it. I bet she is sorry now...because I think it turned out great! Too bag bad!
Made by me!


  1. I'm sure I'd like your sister and I'm sure she's a really great gal but yes she's silly.
    It's so funny because just from the first photo I thought "Curtains from our first house!"
    Yes love the bag.

  2. What she didn't want it????? She really said no???
    Well your gain (clever to call her first, it would have been a pity had you poured your love and time in it for nothing). I totally love it! Those elastic rimples (is that a good word?) are just perfect.
    I see a webshop in the future with homemade bags and... You're so creative!

  3. @Tanna: yes they do have this eh what? 60's feel? The original pattern resembles a bold black and white sort of abstract peacock thing.

    @Lien: She said no... but she hasn't seen it. Yet. Yes, wouldn't that be fun? My own Etsy shop...

  4. You are so creative! That would be perfect for going to the beach in style. A little towel, some sunscreen, a bottle of water.. and a giant sammich!


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