Saturday, November 08, 2008

In the spotlight: Rome

Think I can safely say that I came back from Rome, inches shorter than I went. Gosh how we walked! Maybe that's why I bought those towering shoes...gaining height! (That's height with an "H" not with a "W", the latter's been taking care of thank you!). A modest pasta cutter is the one and only kitchen item that came home with me. Sigh. I guess this means I have to go back again someday!
Didn't think it was possible to see all most of the sights and still have a relaxing 4 days, but we somehow managed to do exactly that. Sipping our espresso lungi, risking life and limbs by crossing streets, (pedestrians in Rome? Pah!), pain in our necks from looking up at beautiful ceilings and buildings, had our own silly game by guestimating how many branded items one fashionista can wear in one outfit... We had the most beautiful weather for a city trip, it was sunny and bright, warm enough to walk around without a coat, warm enough to have al fresco dinners. With the kids safe at home in my parents care, not a worry to distract us but where to walk and where to eat...


  1. I guess if life was like that everyday it wouldn't be special . . . but it's so wonderful when it happens!

  2. Oh good! much better weather than we had. I want to see the shoes and know what you had for lunch and dinner, your favourite meal... i want moremoremore!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Glad you had such great weather too, that makes it even more fun to walk around there. I applaud your restraint, just one pasta cutter? My guess is you just hold yourself back to have an excuse to return (good thinking!). You did throw a coin in the Trevi fountain surely!
    Yes Ilva, I'm curious about the shoes too...

  4. Please tell us what we must see when/if we go! Truly - we're realizing that we need to go places like Rome, since we're here, and we can't study all of the time.

    Glad you had fun!

  5. Ciao ! I'm sorry I didn't visit you before you came! Maybe we could have taken a wal together ! I'm glad you enjoied it !

  6. @David: if you have the chance, go! We've discovered it really clears your mind and feeds the soul -and tummy!-.

    @Natalia: ooh I didn't know! Next time for sure!

    @Lien: sat there for a while watching..and forgot to throw a coin ourselves, ack!

    @Tanna: very special indeed, memorable!

    @Ilva: I'm sure there are loads of good places to eat and shop, not sure we found them all...


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