Sunday, September 14, 2008


Do you know how long it takes to get lipstick off my coat? I don't care about pigs nor pitbulls but never ever put lipstick on a cat!
First of all my shiny velvet robe is brilliant enough without any embellishments.
Second, the red clashes with my cinnamon streaks.
Third, it's all about content people.
I am far too busy chasing my sister around the house and garden to be occupied with this grooming thing. Love to sneak up on her from around the corner and go Banzai!!! We leave all these clumps of hair around the house and our ladyboss does this sighing and muttering thing.
Hijacked her blog to enter WCB this weekend, LB is our host; seems he has the place all to himself now, hmm, wonder if we can come over for a bit of fun. Let's do some chasing LB!
Disclaimer: my ladyboss (she who owns the blog), is of the opinion cats don't talk, lest write. Pah!


  1. What is your name, pretty kitty, and who has been kissing you with red lipstick? The nerve of some people!

  2. My name is Milo, they named me at the animal shelter, surely they recognized my regal posture at an early stage. ;-)

  3. OK that was too cute - you so need to expand on that and make it into a children's story book - you could call it "Of course I'm spoiled - I'm the family cat".

  4. lol Aww.. poor pretty kitty with lipstick on her coat. :) No more kissing the kitty with lipstick.


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