Sunday, December 02, 2007

They're multiplying....

"And I'm loooooooosing controhohol..."*

Finish the line and sing and you're as young as I am and was either pro "before Olivia" or pro "after Olivia", (read bobbysocks and twinset or tight leotard and high heels). For your information; I was pro socks and skirt and I hated the fact that she crumbled under peer pressure and converted in a black satin clad clone. Just no character! Pah!

And this has nothing to do whatso-evah with cookies.

Anyway... I thought I had another recipe for orange flavoured cookies and an opportunity to use my moose and Dalarna horse cookie cutters. Which I did actually, but the cookies turned out to be rather run-off-the-mill sand cookies and the horses legs rather fragile.
And the fleeting question remains: To glaze or not to glaze...

I could of course do the elaborate glazing-the-cookie-thing with red and green or even intricate Dalarna colouringg but in this household there isn't much oohing and aahing over decorated cookies. They just grab and crunch, whether the horse has legs or not.
My late mother in law used to say and I quote: "this is nothing for coarse boys mouths". And she reserved the best chocolate for her guests and the cheap stuff for the kids.... Having my boys I can see where she was coming from but still...hmm.

A herd of cookies was born, and I did a dollop glaze on some square ones. They were nice but not super dooper. End of story, no recipe. To quote from the movie again: they better shape up!

* Song: You're the one that I want, movie: Grease!
To make us all feel better: she definitely wasn't a Daring Baker and yes she was sewn into those pants. (must have been iron threading but that is just my green envy speaking...)


  1. You're going wild with the cookies woman!
    I guess it's universal. The younger the boys, the larger the quantity needed. Only sometimes as they get older do we have to worry too much about quality.
    Cute moose, I can see the horse legs might be very tender.

  2. I remember Grease!! In fact, I have this great BeeGee's DVD that I watch when I work out and Olivia is in the audience! They play a clip from the movie and sing lots of the songs!! Great to burn off the calories from all of those darling Christmas cookies!! Love the moose ones! You are one hot baker!!! Once again, lucky boys!

  3. Here the kids are still crazy about glazes, toppings and lots of sprinkles and so on... one is a girl, so that makes some difference. The other one is younger, heavily influenced by his sister, and just loves anything sweet... no matter artistic appearences, colour or pattern. So probably in a few years time, I guess I'll just give him cookies with a sugar cube instead of making a lot of fuss decorating cookies. But until then it's still a nice tradition here for the Xmas holidays.


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