Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gone camping!

Baking Soda and family are gone for a while...and she is still debating whether she will smuggle some spoon measures and a scale in her luggage, dreaming of baking bread "in situ".

{A scale? I advocate the use of weight instead of volume to bake, but now I'm trapped...does this mean I need a scale to bake bread whereas the Otherzzz are happy to have a cup/mug/holding vessel and bake wheresoever they are. Erm..not good! I can do without a scale!}

The bags are packed, we've tried the new tent for the boys. Worked fine. Except that you'll need Houdini skills to get it back in the bag it came in. I think I'll try to convince them that sleeping under the stars is real adventurous and way cool.
I don't know where we're going yet, (well, we do know, sort of, direction is going to be Sweden and Stockholm but other than that.....just where the winds will take us.) Hope you have a nice time as well, I'll be back in a bit!

Beware; Red Alert!!! I will be back sooner, that is if I can find Internet access to publish this one very important post! Don't forget to check back around the 30th!


  1. I'm thinking with your experience you could bake bread successfully with scale or cup. I think you could go by feel alone.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful time!!

  2. Forget the measuring cups...Did you pack the bug spray?

  3. Have fun !!
    And...I packed my scale ,bowl, muffincups, my bakingsheet and used it....3 times !

  4. Have a wonderful time!! I know what you mean about those tent bags! Impossible! Can't wait to hear if you took the scales or not!

  5. Have a great time camping and I feed my need to bake with a "Bakepacker", a little backpacking baker. It works great and I just take all the ingredients pre-measured in baggies.

  6. Have fun!Can't wait to see you on the 30th!


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