Monday, July 16, 2007

The A (pron) team

I'd like you to meet a part of my private A-team, sons in aprons.
When Ilva asked to show us your apron I thought I shouldn't participate. My aprons are very efficient but booooooring! I never used to wear an apron and I have plenty of ruined clothes to prove that that is not a wise thing to do. Lately my sons have adopted the habit from their Dad to don an apron when we have hazardous foods for dinner. So, the moment I untie my apron they will tie it on and I find myself at the dining table surrounded by men in ties enjoying their pasta.

The funny thing is, when I rummaged through my kitchen cabinets and made the picture it struck me that aprons are a real memory vehicle! Who would have thought that? And I am not the only one, I've read a touching story here , a funny story here and here as well and there are lots more I'm sure. You'll find them at Ilva's round-up.

My stories: the blue and white apron on the left was the first one I bought when my mom and I visited London on a mum and daughter weekend. Memories! The boy on the right hand side was a toddler and the twins on the left...not even a thought.

The yellow one in the middle is an apron DH got as a farewell gift when changing jobs. His co-workers wrote some funny stuff all over the apron, one very wise advice: "When in doubt, add more wine!"

The green one is the one my husband presented me with when he found me in tears, crying over a favourite shirt, ruined by fat splatters. It's big, it's long and it covers almost all of me!

My last one: a real baker's outfit, blue and white checkers....a present from Tanna and Sue when they were visiting Holland and got wild in our local cook store! Sweet thoughts, again!

Ilva, they are not as pretty as some of the aprons I've seen but here they are, filled with memories.


  1. Karen, that is so perfect and so you.
    One of the things I love best about kitchen things is the memories and the stories!
    This was a wonderful post.

  2. Karen,
    What a lovely post! Your "men in aprons", I can just picture all of them seated around your table with YOUR aprons on! And that last apron is definitely a stunner on you!!

  3. Great post. I don't "know" you very much yet, but from your visit with Tanna and this apron post I like the mix of style and energy your family has. Lovely read!

  4. Karen thanks! Don't complain, they look gorgeous! And what I'm after is the feelings and the stories that the aprons and yours are full of them!

  5. Een schort ... nee, die draag ik ook niet. Ik heb er niet eens een! Mijn omaatje liep daag'lijks met zo'n schort met knopen aan de voorkant: net een stofjas, maar dan zonder mouwen. En als het schort na veelvuldig gebruik en hier en daar een reparatie geen dienst meer kon doen, maakte zij er een verfschortje van voor de kleuterschool.

  6. Geweldig dit schortenverhaal!
    En iedere niet uitwasbare vlek heeft ook altijd zijn foto's ;-)

  7. What great memories those aprons bring to you. Memories are important.

  8. I now see that I'm leading a very deprived life--because I don't have any aprons! I must rectify this awful situation, because I love reading about everyone who does! Great post.

  9. The photo of your sons wearing aprons is great, and I loved the story about your husband giving you an apron after you were upset about ruining an outfit while not wearing sweet! :-)

  10. Good idea to wear them while eating - I can't tell you the number of outfits I have ruined! Might look funny when company comes but it's fun the rest of the time. Cheers!

  11. That's really a lovely post, Karen. I love the idea of your men sitting around the table in your aprons. Very much down to earth ! Much love from Vienna, angelika

  12. The habit of wearing an apron some times at dinner really sneaked in. I had such fun (and a bit of embarrasment) when a friend told me one of our sons asked for an apron while he had dinner at her house...spaghetti with red sauce, he was wearing this new white t-shirt. She admitted she thought of offering him a napkin but didn't want to make him shy.
    Do I need to be ashamed? Don't know; in the end, he enjoyed dinner, she enjoyed him asking, and I didn't need to wash the t-shirt. lol!

  13. I have been so touched by the stories told and the aprons that belong to all those memories. Who would have thought?

    Cute boys wearing aprons...that is a blackmail photo if I ever saw one :)


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