Thursday, May 31, 2007

Take a deep breath..

Two once little boys have grown out to two long-legged 11-yr olds, reason for celebration! What elements you need for a birthday party? Come and check with me: chocolate cake, visitors, fun, presents, chocolate, friends to play with, 20 happy people at a dinnertable, good food in huge quantities and ice cream for dessert ! Cake above was W's request, he would have preferred triple chocolate but I opted for two (cake and ganache) and decided to fill with eh.. Creme Chiboust! For the recipe click!

T wished for a similar cake but reversed! Creativity took hold of me and I envisioned a white cake, filled with lime bavaroise and a white chocolate ganache. Sounds good right?

Well, first two components were spot on. Tall cake, great tasting, shape holding, tart bavaroise. Layering the cake went well. White ganache wasn't such a great idea, don't know what happened, I warmed cream, poured it over the white chocolate and stirred to combine, let it cool a bit and poured it over the cake. And the cake cracked. Seriously, we had a St Andreas fault all over the cake, and then some more.. the whole surface of the cake marred and started to crumble... Felt very sorry for T, his cake was equally tasty but looks count as well in a birthday cake. Luckily there was some more chocolate.....

As you can imagine the fountain was a huge success! Although chocolate is said to have a special attraction to women I declare solemnly that the cluster of people I saw gathered around the fountain like it was a free beertender.....was predominantly male! (either small or large). Thanks Larein for lending us the fountain!

Looking a bit tired, dinner is served, almost done! We had Chili con carne, quacamole, sour cream, taco's and flour tortillas and it was yummy!

Stay tuned for some of the other bits and bites I served this day and of course some pics of their kids birthday party!


  1. But nobody will forget a San Andreas fault cake! I'd be willing to predict in the years to come this will be a story told many times over and bring many smiles and laughs.

  2. Van harte gefeliciteerd met de tweeling. De taart ziet er voortreffelijk uit: 'k zou best een klein stukje willen proeven ;-)

  3. I love that cake. I want to peel that ganache right off and eat it by itself.

  4. Sounds like a great day! Your cake looks delicious :)

  5. That cake looks SO GOOD, Karen! I love the use of the Creme Chiboust for the filling! YUMMY!

    As for the white chocolate.. sorry it cracked - I never have luck on the rare occasions I try making white ganache either. I wonder why we have these problems?


  6. I'm wondering what to do with my remaining cream, and love what you did with it! I'm thinking of at least serving it with the strawberries I got at the farmer's market this morning!

  7. wauw wat ben jij druk geweest!! Jammer dat de witte taart niet helemaal volgens plan ging, maar die chocolade fontein is wel een heel leuk idee op zo'n dag! gefeliciteerd met zulke grote leuke zonen!
    Ik vind je pot (met de chili cc erin) helemaal fantastisch!!
    En nou even uitblazen misschien voor moeders????(en dan bedoel ik niet nog meer kaarsjes...)

  8. Cake looks fantastic! White chocolate has so much fat added to it that I found that using a lesser heavy cream works with making a white choc. ganache.
    Looks like a great time was had by all!

  9. Thanks Helen, I've been searching for a solution, you think using our regular (dutch) whipping cream was too much then? Also the cake was very light and airy and thus really absorbed all the ganache (you could almost hear it slurp).

  10. It looks wonderful! I know it's a lot of work to cook for that many people but you know what? You are so soooo lucky to have your family nearby!

    The food sounds delicious! :) And happy birthday twins!


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