Monday, March 12, 2007

And another one: biting the dust..

Bathroom renovation tales. When all around you is smothered in dust you need some beauty to feast your eyes. What is the saying again? In Dutch we say: Wie mooi wil zijn moet pijn lijden. Or as Auguste Renoir said: the pain passes, but the beauty remains. The guy might be right. This was Friday last week. Let's look at some flowers. And vacuum, and mop...


  1. Oh, dust seems to be the theme of these days. But my flowers are dusty also. Lucky girl you !

    Happy reconstruction, isn't it fun ? Oh yes, and let's hope that the beauty not only remains but will be enlarged !

    Dusty greetings from Vienna also !

  2. Beautiful flower!!
    Oh, I do think you'll be so surprised when you dust. I think you'll find that this is actually fairy dust and magic is happening undercover of dust.

  3. Mooie Amaryllis, Karen.

    Ach, over 2 weken is de badkamer klaar en was je de verbouwingsperikelen tesamen met de stof weer van je af.

    Overigens, fijne ruime douche zeg!

  4. Is that an amaryllis? Beautiful! Once the dust settles, all will be new and sparklie! As I once heard, when you are experiencing changes things are always messy in the middle! But in the end -- sparkling!

  5. It will be worth the wait...I like the idea of fairy dust- you've had more than your share.


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