Monday, February 05, 2007

A walk in the park...

Or a walk down memory lane?
I remember the Sundays where I was engrossed in some book, comfortably cuddled in a corner of the sofa...when all of a sudden my parents would say: Come on, let's go, it's such beautiful weather, let's go for a walk.....

No I was not allowed to wear sneakers on Sundays and no jeans please....and we would walk like forever... no goal, just for the sheer pleasure of walking... (I still hate that, I like walking but I need to go somewhere, or do something while walking, you just don't walk to walk!?)

Or a drive around the countryside...
And we had to watch the passing landscape...("get your nose out of your book and look how beautiful this is") forward 30 years.... where chirpy parents in another city, another time say to their children: come on, get your coats we'll go out, it's such beautiful weather, get your nose out of your Nintendo DS .. and three grumpy kids growl and drag and say: do we have to? Can't we just stay home? Where are we going?

We went.
To Heusden.
One pair of sneakers, 4 pairs of sturdy walking shoes, 4 pairs of jeans (and one ribcord).
The weather was beautiful.
And look at the view!!
(Mam, stop laughing!)


  1. Karen, this is such a nice and such a true write-up. I can so much identify with. Identify with both - child-wise and grown-up-wise. And I am happy to have my Gino boy now so it's walking for dogging ;-) Have a great day ! (yes, the view is great).

    BTW, you have quite a lot of work today getting all pantry entries together in one post, right ? Have fun !

  2. Your Sunday walk looks lovely too! I am glad my boys are still small enough that they love the idea of walking :)

  3. Boys, I guess girls too can be so predictable. I also like to have some place to walk to but now I can also just enjoy being out.

  4. The view is indeed beautiful! It's good that you had someone to remind you of your surroundings and that there's more to life than the 4 corners of your room. Many kids nowadays don't know how to appreciate the outdoors because of all their techie gadgets.


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