Saturday, December 09, 2006

Vienna impressions

This was in the Natur Historisches Museum, isn't it beautiful? Great museum to take your kids! We had so much impressions that we decided to skip the Kunst Historisches Museum which is situated across the square in a mirror image building, keep that for the next time! Instead we took the bus to Belvedere and visited a christmasmarket, had some punsch to revive us...

I promised you Naschmarkt and I will use some of the photo's Angelika was so kind to send me as my camera wasn't working properly. As I said we were greeted by quite a few of the stall owners since Angelika is a regular and I must say that the welcome we received from the Persian stall owner was heartwarming. Immediately upon arriving he greeted us with a taste of amazing dates which he put between walnut halves. Delicious! He ran inside to come back with a cup of tea for both of us, meanwhile chatting and laughing, even serving other customers and dishing out treats for Gino. We really had a fun time, looking at a happy Gino, watching the other customers faces (they smiled but were a bit quizzical about what was happening).
Of course I bought a box of dates and they are really really good. Ripe, fat and plump with just a hint of mist on their dark brown skins. Beautiful!
And surely how could we leave Vienna without an example of the most famous Sacher Torte? We brought a "piccolo" with us from Hotel Sacher and enjoyed this on Sinterklaas evening. The packaging alone is enough to feel luxurious and then you still haven't had a bite of the chocolatey richness.


  1. Oh, and that Sacher Torte is so much heaven.
    The Persian stall owner had amazing food stuffs and served us some fabulous rice! Loved the Naschmarkt!

  2. Envy. Somehow the Vienna trip seems especially Christmassy to me. It all looks and sounds beautiful.

  3. Your post brought back lovely memories. Yes, that Persian stall owner was a real treat! I am so happy to hear that you had such a good time in Vienna.

  4. What absolutely beautiful memories! I can't believe I was at all those places just a few short days ago. Wasn't Vienna wonderful?! And I too miss the coffee ...


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