Friday, November 17, 2006

Updates on bread, time, stuff and things

Here we are, a week later and I'd like to share what I have been up to the last couple of days, obviously ;) I was not in the kitchen cooking, nor blogging...

Garbage has been collected, the people from the "gemeente" were there right on time (8.15), and the garbage truck happily munched away almost a truckload of rubbish. I paid € 65,--! Since the fee for driving here was € 10,-- and price per kg was 0,20 you can imagine the weight and bulk we had to get rid of. There were pieces of plywood hanging about (and even were moved from our old home to here!) for almost 15 years! Are we crazy or what? Hold on to it, you never know what it can be usefull for... Not anymore!
I finished two vests, a burgundy velvet and a dark blue felted wool one, managed to almost finish a pair of trousers (just needs a button), finished a tweed skirt, and already there is some other fabric waiting for me. Speaking of momentum and taking advantage, quickly before it fades away again!

The past week we got news from very dear friends, mostly sad but luckily there was one happy message too. Needed some balance.
And of course, the NYT No Knead bread! Boy did that make some waves around the world! Another batch is in the making right now, made according to the directions in grams Rose Levy Beranbaum gives on her site. Where the first batch was imitating a biga (so much so I was thinking of treating it as such), this time it was a lot firmer and behaved like it should. I innocently asked for bakers to send me their pictures and promised to do a round-up, but underestimated the powers of the Internet and the extent it took. I won't try to be complete, but here is a small list of fellow bloggers/bakers who made this bread and have pictures to share.
NYT dough
Slashfood (just because I was mentioned Yay!)
Kitchen apartment therapy
Flickr group (yes, there is a flickr group!)
e Gullet (pages and pages of pictures and discussion)
Chili und Ciabatta (check this out, Petra used sourdough and other types of flour and included recipes!)
Notities van Lien (who posted in English this time!)
and Hammie, I'd like to include you but can't reach you...


  1. Go Baking Soda!!
    Wow, I really like Rose's site! Makes me wish I brought her book with me this trip.
    I think we're going to have to make the no knead while I'm out here.

  2. ooh, you got a mention on Slashfood, wow! :)

    I love your Romertopf - it's so pretty! Still haven't made the bread and was planning to start today, but kid #2 is home with buikgriep. Not the most advantageous day to be doing anything with gloopy mixtures ;)

  3. How did I miss that picture of the Romertopf - I really like that. Maybe I really need one, sort of like you really need another cookbook.
    I saw your mention on Slashfood!!

  4. It's been fun. I'm making a fourth loaf for thanksgiving.


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