Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dentists of the world...unite!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" Really? There is a healthy apple underneath all this sticky red goodness. So the doctor must be happy.
Mamma has had her day of fun. Mom happy.
Kids got their treats. Kids happy.
Check-up at the dentist is approaching rapidly. Dentist very happy!


  1. Wow, fantastic picture of the apple! The teeth are great too...hope they stay that way!
    This is a real american thing right? or have you seen those apples over here too?
    One thing I'm sure set of teeth wouldn't survive something like this...hahaha

  2. And happy kids make a happy mother .So....Don't worry, be happy !

  3. Break My Day!
    Great teeth and terrific Smile!!!
    I'm with larein: happy kids = happy mum no worry, you're happy!
    umm...but mums always have to worry
    so it's a happy worry.

  4. Bloggers happy too because of those beautiful apples!


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