Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shopping and eating

Nice to know (although it would have been nicer to know while we were there for obvious reasons ::grins::) we discovered yesterday that the SEK is not € 12,50 but € 10,80!
While I am busy looking for a nifty little map on which I can show you our trip, you might like to read about the things encountered in the grocerystores (ICA, Willy’s, Coop). Floris (formerly known as son nr. 1) has been a great help by making some of these pictures. Although we were mainly staying in small villages or no man-occupied territory at all, I managed to squeeze in a few prolonged visits to the stores, after all one has to eat…
So no enlightment on the shopping districts of Malmö, Götheborg or Stockholm and I missed the fabric district around Boräs (Husband was driving at the time) and still no day-by-day report, just some foody pictures.

We had a lovely lunch in the 2nd oldest town of Sweden, Lund. Ended up parking in front of the policestation because we couldn’t find a spot big enough to park our car + trailer where we could stay longer than the 1 hour allowed. We asked a polite police-officer, who acknowledged the problem of parking in Lund but that was all… So we did a quick tour and took our sandwiches back to the car and the dashboard served as lunch table. We had prawns on bagels (!), a shrimp sandwich, and a tuna sandwich which were seriously good. Great bread too!

Our first stop for groceries was in the small town of Kinna, where we first saw these plastic “sausages” filled with soup, brown beans, rice pudding, jam, hodge pot, beets, macaroni, kale, name it and they had it in a roll! Can you imagine? Snip off the end, pour in a bowl, zip in the microwave and you’re ready to eat. I can’t stop imagining these things on the bottom of your shoppingbag being squeezed and bursting, spreading their content all over the place but that is just me I suppose…

On travelling days it was very simple cooking or eating out. This is what Floris had in Mora. A shrimp salad…Yummy!

Can you imagine that this short post took me 3 hrs to load? I simply can't get any photo's up and I have so many to share...

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  1. Three hours - what a bummer!
    But, the photos are terrific!
    To me, the bread makes or breaks a sandwich.
    Soup rolls - oozing in my grocery bag, what a fabulous time that would be.
    I like the way your family travels: go with the flow and deal with what comes your way.
    Lovely lake photo.


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