Sunday, August 06, 2006


Mellerud campsite near Lake Vänern
We drove on via route no. 45 along Lake Vänern to Mellerud, a very large and noisy campsite where we stayed for two nights. Time to spray our awning to make it water resistant! We had one night of major rainfall in Örby and the original awning failed. Big time! Nice to know: the part I made/added was doing it's job beautifully and appeared to be the only, be it fairly large, dry spot.... I sms-ed my mom to send (no not money) but a few meters of fabric and a sewing-machine.
And of course we visited the Håverud Akveduct. It was opened in 1868 and is an iron construction that conducts the canal traffic across the falls.The aqueduct is some 32 m long and has no fewer than 33000 rivets! In Haverud it passes over a waterfall (very small at the time we were visiting), a railway bridge and a road bridge, 38 m above them at the highest point in Haverud where this photo was taken.

On we went, to Johannisholm the only campsite we planned to stay for about 10 days, located between Malung and Mora. This is a great (small and simple) campsite for adults and children alike, you are free to choose your spot at the lakesite or in the forest (no staked plots), build a campfire near your tent (at a safe distance of course) and enjoy quiet and nature. A plus are the organized nature-orientated activities and the very friendly Dutch owners and team.
And.. I had an "al fresco" kitchen there with the most beautiful view ever!


  1. Send me the adresse of that to go there...

  2. That's a lot of rivets!
    Wish there was a picture of your al fresco kitchen - the most beautiful ever!


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