Saturday, July 08, 2006

Almost done?

That'll be the day! Why is it that all these neat lists and organized thoughts come to a jumble on the day before ? As always I am left with odd bits and pieces that have to find a place in bags, the car or tenttrailer. Never mind we are avid readers (all of us) and that means a huge amount of books that have to come with us.. Camera's, novels, maps, Sweden info...
We will be travelling through Germany and Denmark and then cross the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo, from there up the west coast via Göteborg along the Vättern-lake. We have booked a camping site near Mora where we will stay for 8 days, but other than that it is pretty much open where we will stay the rest of the trip. We are all looking forward to this, although son nr. 3 would like his parents to know exactly where we are heading...(Mom, you are joking right? You do know where we are going right?) Son nr. 2's only worries are the World Cup Finals tomorrow night: there will be some kind of bar where we can watch the match, they do watch football in Denmark don't they? Son nr. 1 is eh.. being very much the 12-yr old at the moment.
And for me? It is crossing lists, packing things, assembling travel lunch and breakfast, last minute cleaning the house (why is that? No one is going to use my clean bathroom!) and finally go to sleep not counting sheep but mentally going over the spaces in the tenttrailer and car...
Do you think we will need warm pyjama's in Sweden or not? Where are the fishing nets, do we need extra sunscreen, extra pair of shoes for son nr. 1?
Whoopee! Vacation!

So you'll know I will be gone for a while, but will be back blogging sooooooon! Posted by Picasa


  1. A lot of stress before, but you'll forget that soon enough fortunately!!!
    Have a great trip with great new stories to tell us when you're back blogging!!!!

  2. Hé, don't worry,your still on this planet. You can buy what you mis..
    But Don't buy a lamp in we don't need that!! Buy extra books .Because of the midsummernightlights you can still read your books in the middle of the night.Even without your glasses!! Enjoy your hollidays .See you!

  3. I think Larein has got the idea!
    I hope is a wonderful trip and you come home with so many wonderful stories!! I love the way you write; you make me feel all that excitment and anticipation of leaving home on a great adventure.
    Always buy more books!

  4. It's good to know that women around the world go through the same dilemmma before a trip!


    Have a wonderful time!

  5. Hi Karen, have a wonderful trip and bring home uncountable stories to blog about... All the best to You and your handsome Gentlemen, angelika

  6. Hope you are enjoying your trip. Await stories on return.


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