Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Medieval Kitchen

This is the kitchen in the basement of the castle in Vianden, Luxemburg. No counterspace, but look at those hearth! I love to see these old kitchens, and find myself imagining how the women would work here, what they would cook. Try to smell the wood and the hams hanging to dry....
(If you would like to see a really impressing kitchen, try Kasteel de Haar at Haarzuilens -in English- ). We visited the castle in Vianden during our 4-day trip in Luxemburg.
After walking back the steep winding road down to the village, we deserved kaffee mit kuchen, or coffee with strudel. Do I have to confess here that I scraped everones plate for the vanillasauce? If you are interested in antique and medieval cuisine I recommend you visit Cristianne Muussers website Coquinaria, where she shows recipes from the culinary past.


  1. Oh it's heaven that strudel with vanilla sauce, i had some in england.
    Warm appeltart with custardsauce and tea. As i said it's heaven....

    I also love that kitchen.
    A few years ago there was a serie on bbc about how the victorians cooked and i still hope that they will replay that as it was so interesting and lovely.
    Although it was hard labour and long hours working in a kitchen and doing lots more next to it.

    I'll set coquinaria in my favorites and take long time to look at all the things there to enjoy....so thank you baking soda.
    (i always look ever day here although i don't always respond)

  2. It's an amazing kitchen. I'ven the kitchen at Haarzuilen too, all those brass pans there...just great!
    It's hard to imagine how hard the kitchenmaids etc. had to work in those days. They made very long days. And all that without... magimix, dishwasher, good lighting, ....etc...etc....

  3. I ,too, love to visit these historical kitchens -from all periods.The fireplaces and wooden tables are just beautiful, aren't they? I'd love to see this place.
    Most recently, I was amazed by the incredible restored kitchen in the unbelievably ornate, kitchy Pavilion at Brighton, in England.
    The immense Regency period kitchen there has an terrific display of copper pans from the most immense, bathtub size, to the tiniest, quail egg size. It was modern for its time; I believe the famous chef Careme cooked there, and introduced various up-to-date improvements-like windows for air!
    BTW, in English, there is a blog called 18th century cuisine, which also discusses food of the past (early French Canada) and has recipes.

  4. Wow.. what a kitchen!

  5. Hello, thanks for sharing the picture of the vianden kitchen, my parents have a 4 hundred year ol farm nearby Vianden and still have some of the 17th century equipement. I was looking to find out where a complete kitchen like that exists and had completely forgotten about the castle, which hosts the cupboard of my parents house.


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