Saturday, February 11, 2006

Oh my, bread again

The recipe I told you about yesterday was only tried once. So I made another batch of sponge just to make sure it would work a second time again. (And you would get an idea of the possibilities). This time the sponge was given a head start by substituting a bit of bread flour with the same amount of rye. Made the sponge and let it develop for about 8 hrs. Catch it before it falls! Then followed the exact same procedure, again the barley flour was exchanged for rye. You may have to tweak the amount of water to get the right feel. Shape into two bâtards, score the crust en bake for 35 minutes on 230C and hey presto...
Right after this photo was taken I sampled the slice with a bit of butter and sea salt flakes....Yummie!

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